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In the Netherlands, one in nine children live in poverty. In Amsterdam even one in four. This number is expected to continue to rise. More and more parents can no longer pay the monthly bills. More and more families have to resort to debt restructuring. The Food Bank can hardly cope with the number of requests for food and the number of requests for assistance for special assistance is increasing.

Children living in poverty cannot grow up carefree: financial distress puts stress on the whole family. Becoming a member of a (sports) association is usually not an option; even throwing a birthday party can be tricky. Because they rarely wear something new, the children are sometimes bullied at school. When their parents are angry or sad, some children feel guilty. The slightly older people often look for a job and buy food or extras for their parents from the money they earn.

These families want to support the and give them some carefree moments every year, in which they can simply choose what they want in a shop. In this way they know that there are also people in the Netherlands who sympathize with them.
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Does your company have laptops left?
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Does your company have laptops left?
We ensure, in collaboration with SNEW | Circular Telecom & IT, that the laptops end up with children who do not have a laptop!Posted by


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