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Employer-supported volunteering

Employer-supported volunteering

What is it?

Employer-supported volunteering, often called ESV, is where organisations provide paid time for their employees to volunteer within their usual working hours.

Organisations may organise group activities for their staff or encourage staff to take on more regular arrangements, spreading their volunteering hours over perhaps half an hour a week.

Corporate Volunteering

Roles suitable for corporate volunteers

Nature Work Day Groningen
Event · 3 Nov, 09:00 – 4 Nov, 15:00
Nature Work Day Groningen
On Saturday, November 4, Landschapsbeheer Groningen is organizing the Nature Work Day in our province. The largest volunteer event in green!Posted by Landschapsbeheer Groningen
Citywest Transit Hub
Event · 28 Sept 2023, 12:00 – 1 Jan 2024, 13:00
Citywest Transit Hub
Posted by South Dublin Volunteer Centre
Chairman of the sponsorship committee
Organisation role · Flexible hours
Chairman of the sponsorship committee
Gouda at Kaarslicht, in addition to a fixed financial contribution from the municipality of Gouda, largely relies on financial contributions from companies and organizations.Posted by Stichting Gouda bij Kaarslicht

Why corporate volunteering?

Embrace the power of volunteering, where your employees connect deeply with their local communities and make a meaningful societal impact. It's a chance to channel their passion towards issues that truly matter, fostering connections that transcend the workplace. But that's not all – as they give back, they also gain.

Through volunteering, your team hones vital soft skills like coaching, leadership, and organizational prowess. These capabilities don't just enhance their professional profiles, they enrich their personal growth too. Expect a boost in communication finesse, elevated confidence levels, seamless teamwork, unleashed creativity, unwavering resilience, and an all-encompassing sense of fulfillment.

And it's not just your team that flourishes; it's your community too. Volunteering radiates positive effects that ripple far beyond the surface. It's a two-way street of shared benefits.

Note that certain charities and voluntary organisations might require a fee to facilitate activities for your organisation. This charge is intended to defray the time and expenses invested in tailoring these opportunities exclusively for you.

Roles suitable for groups and teams

Girl Power/Real Talk Booster Training
Event · 4 Nov, 10:10 - 12:12
Cole Bay
Girl Power/Real Talk Booster Training
Our Booster Programs are 1day/2 hour long sessions for the higher form students. we are in need of enthusiastic and strong volunteers to join our team.Posted by St. Maarten AIDS Foundation
Kantine medewerker
Project role (Temporary) · 4–8 hrs/Week · Starting from 30 Sept 2023
Kantine medewerker
Wie helpt ons mee om tijdelijk “Mister Always Forward” te vervangen?Posted by Always Forward SV
Discover your identity
Organisation role · Flexible hours · Starting from 27 Sept 2023
Discover your identity
the organization focuses on creating awareness among the prymary students for self development and environment.Posted by Changemaker Mashrafi
Deedmob Help

Support from Deedmob

How we can help

Our platform makes it easier for your employees to find roles and for you as an employer to track their impact via your organisation's main page.

The first step is to register. You will then be able to create a page for your organisation.

Once your page is created and approved, you can add teams and individuals. All members of your organisation can search and apply for roles as well as log volunteering hours.

All volunteering activity can be tracked via your organisation's dashboard, making it easier to monitor the impact the teams and the organisation as a whole are having on the local community.

You could also create a private volunteering event, visible to your team only.

If you would like to discuss this, get in touch!

Get in touch!

Gerbrandgerbrand@deedmob.comGrowth Manager @ Deedmob

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