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Mineke Foundation works in Liberia. Our goal is to help people - especially young people and women - to become economically self-reliant. We focus on education and entrepreneurship. We have three ...

Social justiceForeign aid and disaster reliefEducation
No PovertyQuality educationDecent work and economic growth

Enthusiastic Board Member Sponsoring & donations

Organisation role · Flexible hours
From home
Social justiceForeign aid and disaster reliefEducation
No PovertyQuality educationDecent work and economic growth
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Mineke Foundation
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We are looking for an enthusiastic board member Sponsoring & Donations!

Detailed description

In order to be able to further expand our work in the coming years, on top of the existing collaboration with (family) funds and support from donors, we are looking for a

Enthusiastic Board Member Sponsoring & Donations

Mineke Foundation works in one of the poorest countries in the world: Liberia. Our foundation has a special history and has both Dutch and Liberian roots. Our work – projects focused on education and entrepreneurship – is made possible thanks to the contributions of (family) funds and private donors.

In the coming years we want to strengthen our financial base, either through donations or sponsorship. In concrete terms, this means increasing the number of sponsors and donors to enable the continued existence and further development of our basic organization in Liberia.

We are looking for a board member / volunteer who wants to take a pioneering role in this.


  • Coordinating and hands-on participation in the construction and implementation of the sponsorship & donations component. This means, among other things, that you compose, send and follow up material where necessary.
  • Maintaining contacts with individuals and sponsors on behalf of Mineke Foundation
  • Contribute to reports to sponsors where necessary

When do you fit well in our team?

If you:

  • Have a hands-on attitude
  • Are a self-starter & self-employed worker
  • Speak Dutch fluently and your English is okay
  • You have experience with sponsoring & raising donations
  • Good advice, coordination, organization and collaboration
  • Interested and able to work effectively in a small remote first organization with big ambitions and a small wallet
  • Want to use your skills and experience to make an impact in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Good to know

Mineke Foundation consists of 2 organizations:

  • The Liberian local NGO in Liberia that we internally call MF LIB. MF LIB is a fully accredited local NGO in Liberia, as well as a fully accredited vocational school and primary school.
  • The Dutch ANBI foundation that we internally call MF NL. MF NL is the support foundation of MF LIB (fundraising, communication etc) and also takes care of the knowledge transfer and development of MF LIB.

The board of MF NL is a cooperative board. This means that you are active as a volunteer with a few extra tasks. Namely: coordination of and coordination with the volunteer(s) in 'your' portfolio and co-responsibility for the further development of our organization.

The board meets twice a year physically somewhere centrally in the Netherlands. Additional digital consultation will take place if necessary. Board and volunteers in the Netherlands also meet twice a year, following the physical board meetings.

There are also 2 moments in the year when MF NL has group meetings via Zoom with MF LIB. In addition, you will have (digital) coordination moments with 'your' volunteer(s) and/or team members in Liberia.

How much time does this take?

We estimate 1-2 days per month.

What do we offer you?

  • The opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of children, young people and women in one of the poorest countries in the world
  • A pioneering role in the further development and professionalization of a distinguished foundation
  • Working with a motivated and committed team
  • An international network of professionals


We would like to meet you!

What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

What we will provide to volunteers

🤝 Extra support
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About Mineke Foundation

Mineke Foundation works in Liberia. Our goal is to help people - especially young people and women - to become economically self-reliant. We focus on education and entrepreneurship. We have three projects:

== The Damiefa School is a social enterprise that provides affordable private education from kindergarten through eighth grade. The national Liberian curriculum is complemented by an Art education program developed by Dutch teachers and a Reading comprehension program developed by American teachers for Liberia. It is our ambition to grow the school into a fully-fledged secondary school.

== Our Women's Club is a social educational program of monthly workshops & meetings for women. The workshops deal with topics such as (reproductive) health, women's rights, leadership and sexual violence. The training courses focus on entrepreneurship, supplemented with micro-loans. In a few years we hope to add adult education as well.

== The Resource Center is a multipurpose room with a small library/computer lab with two user groups. On the one hand, these are the children of the Damiefa School, on the other, they are young people between 15 and 35 years of age. Mineke Foundation offers them – both itself and in collaboration with partners – a series of training programs aimed at improving their position in the labor market. The training includes soft skills, entrepreneurship and digital skills.

Check out our Facebook page for recent updates:

Mineke Foundation is an award-winning foundation known for its quality and professionalism. We are an accredited local Liberian NGO, vocational school and private (primary) school.

A small, committed and motivated local team carries out our projects in Liberia. The Dutch foundation consists of international volunteers and supports our team in Liberia, among other things with fundraising, social media & communication and knowledge transfer. There is regular contact between the teams.

Our fun and enthusiastic volunteers will make you feel at home quickly! We all work from home and have regular Zoom calls, including with our team in Liberia. Volunteers living in the Netherlands usually meet twice a year. Good to know: we speak both Dutch and English, but speak English during calls & meetings.

Mineke Foundation was founded in 2009 by Tonia Dabwe to build on the work her parents started in Liberia in the late 1960s. The foundation is named after Tonia's Dutch mother who has been missing in Liberia since the civil war.
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